Fergus Hall Portadown

Memories of Church Street Primary School, read by D. Montgomery

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“This was my Primary School where I started my education in 1961, back then it was called Church Street Primary School. In the yard where we played we had skipping ropes, hula hoops, bean bags and outside toilets that froze in the winter. The school had no canteen so every lunch time we were walked down the street to the Ulster Laces factory nearby where we were served our lunch from the big hatch before the factory workers were given theirs. Each June we gathered the simple playground equipment and brought it and a packed lunch to the public park where we had our sports day. Although nobody had very much, it was a happy time and I have fond memories of my years here.”

Now part of the religious fabric of the town, Fergus Hall was built around 1845 as a school. The plaque above the door reads “Portadown Rebuilt National Schools” and is dated 1889 referring to a remodeling of the building. Originally named the Dukes School, after the Duke of Manchester this National School then became known as the Church Street Primary School. In 1970 the school (along with Thomas Street Primary School) was replaced by Millington Primary School and the hall was returned to the ownership of St. Marks Church to be Renamed Fergus Hall after a long Standing member of the congregation (Craigavon Historical Society).

Fergus Hall is a Grade B2 Listed Building

Fergus Hall is marked on the Historic Environment Map Viewer
Clearly marked on the 1900 OS map as a School House – Historic Environment Map Viewer