Custom Screen Printing:

Screen printing is still one of the best options available for both print quality and cost. Complicated multi colour designs can be created easily.

We specialise in discharge printing, which gives a very soft hand (feel to the print) as the fabric is dyed rather than the ink sitting on top of the garment.

Suitable for:

T-Shirt Printing, Hoodie Printing, Tote Bag Printing. Most types of garment.

Vinyl Printing:

Professional Heat Transfer Vinyl is cut and permanently bonded to the fabric using a heat and pressure system.

Vinyl can be customised on a per-garment level and so is perfect for personalised t-shirts such as Stag and Hen parties or family holiday t-shirts.

Vinyl Printing has no minimum order and has a number of speciality options such as glitter (shown).

Suitable for:

T-Shirt Printing, Hoodie Printing, Tote Bag Printing, Hat Printing, most types of garments.

Dye Sublimation Printing:

Full colour and photo prints can be printed onto light coloured t-shirts using the dye sublimation process. As the fabric is dyed there is no hand (print feel) at all and the print is undetectable by feel.

As sub printing is only possible on polyester fabric this system is particularly well suited to sports events and gymwear.

There is no minimum order for Dye Sublimation Printing.

Suitable for:

Mug Printing, Polyester garment printing. Print Onto light colours only.

Plastisol Transfer Printing:

Plastisol transfers are screen printed transfers that can beprinted onto garments at any time using specialist equipment. These are high quality transfers with a great soft feel.

Transfers are ideal for anyone starting a clothing brand on a budget. Transfers are printed and stored then when you sell an item you can print the garment the garment can be printed and sent directly to your customer without you having to pay for and store dozens of sizes and colours of t-shirt etc.

Suitable for:

T-Shirt Printing, Hoodie Printing, Tote Bag Printing (nearly any garment).